Password Security

Password Security

Password Security

The internet has been around for some years now and become part of our everyday lives. We shop, stream films, listen to music, bank, chat and even work online in many cases, But the singular most frustrating area of internet usage by many users is password security.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where we are vulnerable to exposing our personal data and personal information to some not so nice people, so our security is paramount when visiting some online portals.

Password Security and 2FA (2 Factor Authentication)

Many of the larger organisations have implemented 2FA to ensure the person logging into your account is actually you. This works as a secondary “check” along with your entering a password. The registered owner of the portal would generally receive a code to enter onscreen within a test message or email. Only the Registered user would have access to the email or Text Message therefore verifying that you are who you say you are.

What makes a good password?

The general points with regard to having a strong password are.
1. Have a long Password (The Longer the Better)
2. Have both Upper and Lowercase characters with the password
3. Do NOT use passwords that are familiar to you (Dogs name, Spouse Name etc)
4. Use Numbers and Special Characters within your password

Example: H$x5Wy&7%R^RQvoC

Password Security – Remembering your Password

A password like the example above is not something that is easy to remember. However, there are some really good password vaults available (Apps) that can both generate a strong password and also remember it for you on your device. This is a great way to have really strong passwords for all your portals and each be a different password.

Check out the following highly recommended password keepers

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