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Website Support Engineer Helping a Customer

Why Ongoing Technical Online Support is important. It would be wrong to think that once a well-designed website is placed online, it will simply look after itself. To get the best results for any website, it requires ongoing support for many reasons. Launching a website is only the start of…

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Business website

Do I need a business website? In this current age of social media (Facebook, twitter etc), many businesses feel that they can get a lot of exposure via many of the media platforms currently available without the need for a business website. This is in some was true… however, social…

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Email Marleting

Basic Email Marketing Email marketing has been around for years. Many businesses send newsletters, product promotions or details of there services via email marketing tools and with good results. Marketing to the masses is commonplace for many businesses and there are many articles online regarding how to setup and run…

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History Of Windows OS

A History of Windows OS From humble DOS beginnings, the evolution of the Windows OD (Windows Operating System has taken many forms. Its worldwide market share was stated to be 77% in December 2020 and still growing making it the most used desktop operating system in the world. Prior to…

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Password Security Input Screen

Password Security The internet has been around for some years now and become part of our everyday lives. We shop, stream films, listen to music, bank, chat and even work online in many cases, But the singular most frustrating area of internet usage by many users is password security. Unfortunately,…

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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Website maintenance is something many small businesses overlook once a website is launched. Many businesses aim to have a website presence but overlook the upkeep and as to why a website need maintaining. We totally understand that making a living is critical to many businesses and “Time” to…

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Six Second Rule

The 6 Second Rule With a wealth of websites online, it takes a lot of time and effort to get your website ranked amongst the competition. Furthermore, converting traffic into leads can fail because of a few design mistakes and by what is called the “6 second rule”. So, what…

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Website Carbon Footprint

Your Website Carbon Footprint Many businesses never really think that their corporate website has a carbon footprint, but in this current age of ozone damage and everyone trying to go green, the following may be food for thought and help in a small way to reduce your own online website carbon footprint.…

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SEO Planning

Web design Mansfield For over 2 decades now, Inline data have been designing and developing websites for businesses, organisations, and individuals in and around the Mansfield area Our founder was born and bred in Mansfield and has always held the town dear to his heart. From humble beginnings, a lot of determination,…

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Mobile Devices

What is Mobile First Index A few years ago, a big shift in mobile device usage (Tablets, Mobile Phones etc) resulted in web browsing on such devices being greater than other devices (Desktop Computer, Laptops etc). As a result of mobile devices being on the increase year and year, google…

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