A History of Windows OS

A History of Windows OS

A History of Windows OS

From humble DOS beginnings, the evolution of the Windows OD (Windows Operating System has taken many forms. Its worldwide market share was stated to be 77% in December 2020 and still growing making it the most used desktop operating system in the world.

Prior to Windows OS

Prior to the Windows OS, the main operating was DOS (Disk Operating System). On the DOS platform, many business applications (Accounts, Stock Control etc) were used, mostly written in a language called Basic (Later to become Visual Basic or VB by many developers) that ran on top of the DOS operating System

The early versions of Windows also ran on the DOS system. In fact, DOS was the main operating system with the Windows system being nothing more than a graphical Interface on top of DOS.

The History of Windows

Over the years, windows changed in many ways, some good and some that were not greatly received by many users. However, the following chronicles the releases that now span a near 40-year history.

  1. Windows 1: November 1985
  2. Windows 2: December 1987
  3. Windows 3: May 1990
  4. Windows 95: August 1995
  5. Windows 98: June 1998
  6. Windows 2000: February 2000
  7. Windows ME: September 2000
  8. Windows XP: October 2001
  9. Windows VISTA: January 2007
  10. Windows 7: October 2009
  11. Windows 8: October 2012
  12. Windows 10: July 2015
  13. Windows 11: Oct

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