The 6 Second Rule

The 6 Second Rule

The 6 Second Rule

With a wealth of websites online, it takes a lot of time and effort to get your website ranked amongst the competition. Furthermore, converting traffic into leads can fail because of a few design mistakes and by what is called the “6 second rule”.

So, what is the 6 second Rule?

The six second rule is basically defined as the time scale your site has to “grab” your visitor’s attention. If a visitor or user is met with unclear information, bad navigation, or page layout, they will click away to a competitor’s website.

Statistically, the decision to move on to another site takes 6 seconds and your potential sale is lost.

How can this be avoided?

Retaining customers on your site and helping them to move to “Checkout” sooner can be vastly helped by ensuring the following is within your site layout.

Content – is clear, unambiguous, to the point and does not have pages and pages of text (visitors do not want to be scrolling page after page of text content on a mobile device).

Navigation – should be clear and enable a user to get to exactly the information or product they are looking for in the MINIMAL of clicks

Phone Contact – should be a simple button that automatically dials the number of your business or organisation. In days gone by, phone numbers where just text. With over 85% of websites now viewed on a mobile phone or tablet a simple click on a button can ensure you visitor can call you direct from your site.

d this plays a major part of SEO and the Google Ranking Process. (Read this article HERE).

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