What Is Search Intent

What Is Search Intent

Search Intent and Google

You may never had heard the word before, but marketeers and SEO teams are very “Search Intent” when they are working on a campaign or SEO optimisation and very much realise it’s importance.

So what is Search Intent

 It’s what everyone is looking for when when entering a search term into Google.

For example….

Everything you search for has many variations of intent as far as google can see.

If you searched for searched for “designer” you would get lots of different results!
For example: Designer outlets, Web designer, Designer Brands etc etc….

You could argue this is relevant to the search term? – but with different intents? (that’s a fair point). But, there are simply so many keyword variations and search terms\queries to consider.

Google Algorithms and AI are at work here

When you search for something online and find irrelevant information, Google will understand that intent was likely mismatched due to your next move (you might put in, or add another term for example and steer away from the original query).
As a provider for masses of data, Google aims to give its users the best possible search result, Google is all about user experience and happy surfers.

Search intent (also referred to as user intent or audience intent), is a term used to describe the purpose of an online search.

To sum up

If you have a web presence (online Store, company website or even a blog) and you offer a service or product, then make a link to it.
If you sell a product, make your CTA (Call to Action) or Buy Now button impossible to miss.

Review your own Blog, website or online portal and ask yourself  “can improvements be made?”.
It’s crucial to ensure that website content fits both the terms people are searching for, and the intent of your audience.

I hope this article was of use, if you are looking for Web DesignMarketing or an online presence, please do get in touch