Web Design Mansfield

Web Design Mansfield

Web design Mansfield

For over 2 decades now, Inline data have been designing and developing websites for businesses, organisations, and individuals in and around the Mansfield area

Our founder was born and bred in Mansfield and has always held the town dear to his heart.

From humble beginnings, a lot of determination, long hours and passion, Inline Data has grown and supported many local businesses with there online presence, Beit, web design, web development, content management systems, Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing and email marketing.

The Changing face of Mansfield

Once a vibrant mining town, Mansfield has sadly seen the coal industry disappear which had a massive impact on many communities. A once busy marketplace has since seen market traders decline due to online shopping portals offering cheap goods that made it impossible to compete.

 Mansfield moves forward

Many small businesses moved forward and embraced change by moving their products and services online, and with great success. In a few cases, we were fortunate to support (and still do support) these local businesses.

Having an online presence has enabled such businesses to reach a wider customer base. Once only trading in the Mansfield area, they are now able to offer their products and service to a much wider audience.

2020 – The Changing Face of Business

March 2020 shook the world, the Covid Pandemic had a worldwide impact on businesses with many employees having to work from home. Technology enabled many Mansfield businesses to carry on trading as though they were in an office/workplace environment. Inline Data supported its clients with the online resources needed for business employees to communicate, share, and still work as a team although not in a workplace facility.

With our online marketing support, many businesses managed to trade during this awful time.

Inline Data Mansfield – Supporting Mansfield Businesses

Should you like further information on our web design, web development services, simply call us on 01623 792421 or contact us via our contact page.

Inline data Mansfield are proud to support businesses in and around the Mansfield area.