A few Blog Ideas when you get writers block

A few Blog Ideas when you get writers block

A few Blog Ideas when you get writers block

How many times have you gone to a blog page of a website and found content that is months (if not years) out of date? – We appreciate that this can be for many reasons including subject matter!!.
For example: If you sell “staples”, you are limited on what you can write about regarding “Staples”. BUT…. Are you? (Read our tips below).

Lack of blog posts can be for many reasons;

  1. You don’t have time to do regular updates
  2. No inspiration (it happens).
  3. Writers block!! – It happens to us all.

However, regular news and blog posts to your site are always a benefit, such as;

  1. New content is always good for google and assists ranking
  2. Regular content is always good for google.
  3. Industry specific article are always good to keep bringing users back to your site.

So what subjects could you cover if we cannot think of any “Staples” related posts?

Your business and your brand.

How did your business start and why?
This kind of blog is great for entrepreneurs who like to see what drives a business and why. Furthermore, as it is your business, it’s close to your heart – once you put pen to paper you will be surprised what content comes out.
If you’re doing this kind of blog it is good practice to give it some structure. Engage the user on your journey as it happened.

Case Studies

Bring a customer on board, was there a particular project that stands out in your mind?

Engage your audience how that project went from nothing to being a lucrative venture. Don’t hold back, all the lows and highs  – it’s what we expect from a case study. Share your success and don’t forget to include a nice quote from the customer in your article.

Knowledge sharing

When you’ve worked at your business for a long time, it’s easy to  assume that everyone knows what you do.

Your knowledge could be of great benefit yo other in your sector. What’s obvious and straight forward to you, may not be for others in your sector\industry.
 You highs, lows, problem solving experiences and case study articles could be great knowledge to offer your audience. To start off with, why not write a myth busting article?

A problem in your sector or industry.

Every industry has its issues, processes, procedures, manufacturing issues etc. Why not write an article addressing your own experiences and how you solved the problem?
This is a marvellous opportunity to start interesting debate with your peers and it shows your innovative thinking. Always be positive and address the problem quickly. Just like many of the news article on your website, this should be focused on how you deal with various issues.


Blogs and articles are always easier when the topic matters to you and is something you can talk about easily. All the above subjects simply require your professional and personal experience to become great articles that are entirely unique to you and your business, but of great value and help to your audience also.