Why you need to maintain your website

Many people believe that once a website goes live that it is a finished product. They employ a developer or design there own site and bingo!! – Job Done!!.

Actually, that’s not the case.

There are obvious reasons for updating, for example, over time a site becomes dated and may need a refresh. Some Content Management sites (WordPress etc) require frequent updated for plugins.

Maintain your Website

The easiest way to ensure you maintain your site is to set a schedule that you can follow each month. Such a schedule should highlight all aspect of your site that needs to be checked or updated. This checklist would prevent you from missing anything

Scheduled Checks

A weekly schedule could include saving backups, checking of forms and uptime monitoring etc.

A monthly schedule could include testing the speed of the website, running security scans, reviewing SEO and site analytics, making any updates etc.

A quarterly schedule may include reviewing graphics, checking page titles and descriptions, replacing any outdated content, checking conversion rates, testing the site on multiple browsers and on mobile devices etc.

A yearly schedule should include reviewing content,  updating references, checking SSL certificates etc.

Website Backups

Another major (and critical) part of site maintenance is backing up all of your site. If your website crashes, or if a hacker intrudes, you need to be able to quickly recover. Do not to forget to include any databases in your backup (Not just the website files).

Monitor Web Speed

Monitoring the speed of your site is important – Google will penalise back load times. A site that loads in 2 seconds or less will keep visitors on your site, more than 3 seconds will have visitors exiting out of the site.

Check Analytics

SEO reports and KPIs give you excellent data if your website is effective in drawing in customers. You can track how visitors find your site and where they go on your site. This allows for you to see “What” works and “What” does not work in your content.Google Analytics offer a wealth of data to help improve your web ranking and performace.


Always make sure your website complies with all standards and laws. Your site should include Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy. These should be reviewed and updated at least every year or whenever there is a change in standards.

Finally – Never Neglect Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website not only keeps your site updated and secure – it makes your site more credible.

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