Website Traffic – Does your Website not get many visitors?

You have a great looking website, a range of products you need to sell but…..  you are not getting any website traffic (not many visitors)!

Don’t panic, this could be due to a range of reasons, and all are fixable!

Firstly, it could be a design issues that might need attention.
Google is all about “User Experience” and will penalise the following.

  • Unresponsive Sites (does the site look ok on all devices?)
  • Slow page load
  • To little or too much content (yes google can penalise for this)

The above issues should be addressed by your web developer as a matter of urgency if they exist.

Increasing online traffic

The following points will help to increase website traffic

Make the most of social media – regular and engaging information and posts, remember to use hashtags!

Ensure you frequently publish Blogs and News Items on your website.

Check to your websites SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), use keywords throughout your content.

Ensure you have a Google My-Business account. This adds more authenticity to your site, as it tells the user basic information about your website.

If you follow the above basic steps, your site will rank a little higher on Google.

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