The Downside of Remote Working

A recent article entitled “the downside of remote working” was published online by Site Pro News that highlighted a range of issues now arising as a result home working.

Home working Overview

The recent pandemic obviously turned our working processes upside down and we all found that remote working was the only way for many businesses to survive and to move forward. Many fears where held by businesses over this solution as to whether it would\could work! – more so with the volume of home workers could the broadband suppliers cope with demand.

As we are all aware, it did work and the broadband suppliers coped amazingly. But what downsides did it all produce? – The article covers the actual home worker and has some rather sad insights as to what is now emerging as a result of home working.

Read the full article Here

The Downside of Home working – article content

The article covers many aspects that now are emerging such as;

  1. Isolation
  2. Distraction
  3. Employee Visibility
  4. Collaboration Challenges
  5. Video Call Fatigue
  6. Greater Stress
  7. Technical Issues


Only the future will tell how or if, remote working becomes more of a normal working practise once the pandemic is resolved, or if businesses will slowly start to return to the workplace.

We strongly recommend a read of the article which can be accessed here

Our recent article back in October 2020 titled “Has Covid Moved us Forward” just shows that although the pandemic brought pluses in the “Computer and Broadband” world, the article by Site Pro News also shows the downside of such advances.

We strongly recommend a read of both articles.

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