Social Media and Email Marketing

Having already got your Website online, we now need to get you seen and make your business grow.

Social Media marketing

Social media platforms are a highest proportion of most frequently visited websites in the United Kingdom

Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms could well be your first point of contact with any potential customers, so its vital you make a good impression.
Its always good practise to brand all your social media platforms with your website logo’s, corporate colours etc, so customers and potential customers recognise your brand.

To Post or Not to Post

Many companies set up Social Media platforms without first considering why they need one, what they are going to post and who is going to read it.

Endless product or promotional materials tend to have the opposite effect and people tend to “Swipe” past your post. Social media is all about engagement and Interaction with your audience or followers.

Engaging through Social Media

Should you want customers and followers to be engaged with your product or service, you have to engage yourself. Stay active and respond to comments and questions on your own social posts in a way that’s appropriate to your brand.
A well managed social media presence greatly helps to build trust with your audience you are reaching out to.

Engage with your audience

A social media platform for your business will help to generate more interest and traffic over time, keeping your customers informed and getting potential customers to engage, involved and talking about your product or service.

Grow Your Platforms

Here at Inline Data we offer Social Media Marketing applicable to your needs and budget. Our packages cater for the self-employed through to medium sized enterprises.
Call 01623 792421 and see how we can help move your social media presence to the next level.


Food for Thought…

The right social platforms are critical dependant on your business.
A “Window Cleaner” would (in the main) focus on Facebook and Google Local as Linked In would really have no benefit. Dependant on your business and the “Reach” you wish to obtain – please ensure you select the platforms to give maximum return for your efforts and costs.

Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss your Social Media Requirements.