Search Engine Optermisation

Your Website looks AWESOME - but without SEO (Search Engine Optermisation) it will get very little exposure on the web. A great looking Website is the Easy bit! - SEO is what counts to be visible high in the ranking.

Search Engine Optermisation

Why Search Engine Optermisation?
You could have amazing products and an amazing website, but if your site can not be found then there is no point in having a website at all.
If potential visitors or customers  can’t find you, they can’t buy from you – that makes Search Engine Optermisation a Critical function!

It’s all about getting your website found.

In todays markets, serach engine optermisation and promotion are serious business, it is now the single most important aspect of obtaining on-line success.

Every site we undertake is search engine optermised from the moment it goes live, and we work alongside you to maintain an ongoing SEO and online marketing strategy to get your site found by any potential customers. It need to be stated that “regular” review of metadata and keywords needs to be undertaken as trends and google algorithms are constantly changing.

Search Engines, Social Media & all the nuts and bolts needed

Sucessful Search Engine Ranking is a combination of many elements.
Metadata that is held in all websites, keywords, google submission, google local and social media all play a part to collectively raise your ranking position.

Google also offer pay-per-click (PPC) or Google Shopping campaigns to tunnel traffic to your website or landing pages to boost sales.

Develop, Measure and Analytics

SEO is a discipline in its own right. It changes so fast that it’s often hard to keep up with the latest practices for getting your website ranked in Google.
All SEO activities should be measured for performance. It’s an unknown quantity when dealing with optermisation and therefore we need to  “Tweek”  parameters occasionally to maintain or improve ranking – only measurement of performance (analytics) would give you such an insight.

Your Website may look Amazing but without the appropriate SEO in place it will just be a static Website.

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