Returning to the Work during the Covid-19 Epidemic

Returning to the Work during the Covid-19 Epidemic With government relaxing the recent lockdown restrictions, a guideline was released covering many business sectors at the start of May 2020 advising and assisting businesses on how to get their workplaces back up and running and operating safely. Getting back to work Outlining it’s plans to get some sectors back to work (if it was not practical to work from home), the document outlines safe measures and […]

Giving your Website a Rest during Covid-19

Giving your Website a Rest during Covid-19 We were recently asked that during the current Covid-19 pandemic if it was a good idea to temporarily take a client’s website offline?. On discussing this further with our client we could see what he was thinking and the reasoning behind his query. With many businesses currently not trading during the pandemic due to social distancing and additional government safety measure that have been enforced for our own […]

I just don’t get this Social Media Stuff?

I just don’t get this Social Media Stuff? Many businesses get frustrated with social media because they do not have the time to manage it or don’t fully understand it. Further frustration comes from “which” platforms to use or which will get you better results (Twitter, Facebook etc). We offer a few tips regarding social media that may help to give your business brand awareness a push and a more positive public image. So if […]

Is having a website really important?

Is having a Website really Important? In this current age of “Multiple” social media platforms, is having a website really important?. It’s a fair comment to suggest that any individual or business can promote a business through such channels without having a website. It would also be true to say that (dependant on your business), many sucessfully do!!. Social Media and its uses, has many benefits if done correctly in terms of promotion. However, as […]

Inbox Threats Verses Ransomware

In a recent article from one of the major Insurance underwriters, it was identified that email compromises are now a greater threat than ransomware attacks. According to Research by AIG, email compromises using what is known as “phishing” to capture user data, is now a major cause of cyber insurance claims. What Is Phishing? Phishing (also know as “Social Engineering”) is scam used by criminals to obtain sensative information (bank card data for example), by […]