Domain Names and Hosting

Each and every web presence on the internet has a unique web address called a domain name. The domain name is what is typed into a browser to locate the website ( for example). Domain names carry different identifiers such as “” – “.com” and many identifiers are available. Domain names are also known as URL’s which stands for “Universal Resource Locator

The first part of any new project is to obtain a Domain Name and Hosting so web development can begin. Domain names are always 99% reflective of the main service or product being supplied, for example, would in the main reflect that the website is for a building or construction service.

Purchasing Domain Names

Purchasing and Registering domain names can be undertaken on your behalf at the start of any project or, should you already have your domain purchased we can work with your provider to move your site forward and start development.

Website Hosting

Hosting in the main refers to the physical server where your website is stored, this is where all the code that makes your site work is located.
Many companies offer cheap hosting which may seem attractive but many factors have to be considered, security, backups and general periodic maintenance etc. Security is always a key issue and much thought should be applied when making your choice of host.

We offer Hosting, backup, security and scheduled website maintainance to all our clients if required.

Domain Names and Hosting with Inline Data

Without hosting, your website cannot be visible on the Internet. To get your website visible, we connect your domain name to your hosting and make your site accessable via the Internet, we also provide 24/7 security monitoring.


If you are planning a website, web application or Social Media Campaign give us a call (It cost nothing to talk), and if we meet to discuss the project in depth we will even get the coffees in.

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