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Has Covid moved us forward?

Has Covid and Technology moved us forward? In March 2020 we all experienced a way of life that was totally alien to all we knew. When Lockdown was announced due to the Covid pandemic we all were totally taken back by “How the little things” we took for granted where suddenly taken away. Never in our lifetime had we experienced such an awful pandemic that affected everyone from individual households to the whole of the […]

Can Digital Marketing help your Business?

Can Digital Marketing help your Business? Business Digital marketing has really evolved over recent years. In years gone by the main marketing methods relied on email marketing and the good old postal marketing (Leaflets, brochures etc). Although the above methods are still much in use today, the digital process of marketing has really taken a leap with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked in etc. The Internet has provided a massive platform for opportunities in […]

Keeping your computer and Mobile Device issues to a minimum

Keeping your computer and Mobile Device issues to a minimum Over the years, we have been called to repair many computers and mobile devices issues for businesses and individuals but unfortunately, in many cases this has been a case of “closing the barn door after the horse has bolted”. I appreciate that “Device Preventative Maintenance” is something us IT geeks go keep going on about and that in reality many people  have every intention of […]

Phishing attacks on the increase

Phishing attacks on the increase PC and mobile users have for years been weary of email scams but now, online fraudsters are taking to more convincing and sophisticated methods to obtain your data, personal details and in some cases, your hard-earned income. In recent months, an increase has been noted using a method called Phishing. What is Phishing? Phishing is yet another email cyber threats we face daily, home and business should be extremely vigilant […]

Is working from home the new normal?

Is working from home the new normal? At the point of writing this article (August 2020), the business world had been turned upside down in order to survive. During March 2020, the Government announced a full lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and many businesses (from small traders to large corporates) suddenly found income source reduced to zero. Small retailers had to shut shops and therefore income by footfall was taken away. Large corporates suddenly […]