Is it Time to move your business online?

Is it Time to move your business online?

There is no argument with regard to the effect Covid-19 has had on the world, trade  each household and individuals. With lockdowns to social distancing, the way we live now is completely transformed from the world we knew a short while ago. Hopefully with vaccines being administered at a fast pace hope may just be over the horizon.

 So, is now a good time to be moving your business online?

It’s estimated that the pandemic has increased internet usage by a massive 70% as we have seen more businesses changing the way they operate and adapting to offering their service and products online other than storefronts and premises.

Remote working, zoom calls and online conferences have become the norm as businesses are challenged to maintain survival.  Whilst the situation is hopefully temporary, it’s still a good idea to get your store, business and services online.

Why you should put my business online during lockdown.

Income – In order to survive any business has to generate income to cover overheads and costs and March 2021 saw the UK entered into lockdown again with many Shops, Public Houses, Restaurants and businesses who relied on footfall found themselves with NO income.

Businesses fortunate enough to have been online, saw less disruption to income and sales. This is not to say that a business should move fully online, but many businesses successfully operated a hybrid and got the best of both worlds with online sales and a physical shop/location.

Expose your business to a larger audience.

Getting your business or shop location online can open you up to a much larger audience. Should your small business or gift shop is located in a small town or village and for years relied on local footfall, an online presence can open your business to people all over county/Country.

A changing World

Although not to everyone’s liking, customer and buyer behaviour is changing as purchases for clothing, homeware, gadgets and even food are going more and more digital. An online presence can put your business in line with future consumer habits and keep your products and services at their fingertips.

Finally, it’s worth remembering that taking your business online is more than just putting up a website. You need to consider items such as payment gateways, shipping, delivery, logistics etc. It is not something to rush into without careful planning.

As always, we are here to discuss and advise should you be thinking of moving your business online. Please feel free to contact us if we can be of help.