Why major Search Engines Focus on User Experience

Why major Search Engines Focus on User Experience

Often referred to as UX, user experience is defined as the way a user interacts with a website and its ease of use. Meaning it is key that users and customers can easily navigate your website in order to create positive interactions and conversions.

What do businesses have to consider when thinking about it’s online users?

Search engines give preference to websites that are easily navigated and not overwhelming with content for a user to find what they are searching for. Clear and plain textual content (Not like small print in a contract) will enable users to easily understand your offering and hopefully lead to an enquiry for your goods or service.

Many factors contribute to User Experience including Page Load Time.

Why is page load time important?

Page load time is the speed in which people are able to access your website (how long it takes to load). Research has proven that user patience is short and if a page takes to long to load then chances are that your visitor will simply move on to a competitor website.

If a page takes more than just four seconds to load, you can expect at least 25% of your users to move on.

Make sure your site is responsive

In a fast moving age where internet access is done on many various devices (Mobile phones, Tablets, Desktops etc) it’s important that your website can respond to the dimensions of the screen for which it appears.

With over 85% of websites now mainly accessed via Mobile Phones – It’s important to note that when Google crawls a website, it is more likely that its search engine will prioritise the mobile version first. This means that if your responsive version of your website is not up to Google’s standards, it might not gain as much exposure in search result pages (SERPs).

Information architecture

With so many options available, it’s critical that websites are able to provide information in a simple way with clear navigation to ensure that users remain on a website.

Information architecture is about organising content so that users can easily understand what is happening on a page and so that they can reach their desired goal in the quickest way possible.

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