Business Reviews, are they important?

Business Reviews, are they important?

It seems that all platforms (Google, Facebook etc) today on the internet are offering a review or testimonial facility for online traders and businesses. But just how important are reviews for your products or business?

Business Reviews in days gone by

Getting good business reviews in days gone by was a simply a “Word of Mouth” issue. Long before the days of social media many businesses became established on good recommendations. Clients would verbally inform friends and family about the service they received, and the good word would spread leading to more business.

Business reviews in the modern time

Recommendations are a brilliant way to boost your business and still play a big part in lead generation but in this age of Social media and digital advertising did this way of “verbal” reviewsrecommendation become arcane? – In fact, nothing is further from the truth.

Digital or Social media reviews work on the same principle and are important for the success of your business. If you think about it, it’s a recommendation to the masses.

Online Business Reviews for Success

To benefit from online business reviews, it is important we understand how they function.  Below are a few solid reasons why business reviews are vital for your business.

Reviews Boost SEO

Businesses with a good volume of reviews will certainly benefit from being ranked higher in search results. This makes it easier for new clients to find you.

Good Business and Customer Relationship Building

Online reviews work in the same principle as word-of-mouth recommendations. If a customer has taken time to write a review online or social media for your business, it highlights that they have a satisfactory relationship with your business to take “the time” to do this.

To Online visitors and potential customers searching for your product or services on the internet and seeing these reviews will be encouraged by the positive message (review), which in turn encouraging potential customers to visit your website and check you out.

Best of all – It is Free!

It might not be the first thing you considered but an online review costs nothing and yet can produce major gains for your business and reputation.

Always ask your customers for reviews as much as possible and point potential new customers to the ones that you have already accumulated. Reviews are a strong marketing tool and inform clients on your reputation regarding your products and services.

Proof of the Pudding!

People like evidential information. Reviews can bring trust in your service and business. This is because a review is more creditable and reflects a customer’s experience with your business.

You can also take advantage of good reviews by using your online reviews as evidence in advertisements, social platforms or directly on your website.

Highlight the benefits of your business and services and back it up with evidence of factual reviews showing how your customers have benefited from your business!

The Bad News – Negative Reviews

Everyone dreads a negative review whether it is justified or un-justified.
But, when it comes to online business reviews a negative review can be turned into a positive review if handled correctly……

By taking time reading, addressing, and responding to a negative review you are able to show customers that you listen and address any issues or concerns customers have. This helps build positive relationships and goes a long way to turn negative review into a positive one!