Tradesman Website

Tradesman Website Benefits

Do tradesman benefit by having a tradesman website

Many self employed mainly use social media (Facebook etc) to promote their services but in the main (unless a social media campaign is in place) heavily rely on social media friends and word of mouth to pick up new customers.

If you think about it.. this is not actually helping.
The friends you share with are already aware of your services, so you are not actually hitting any “New” potential customers. You may put a post on regularly, but you are only sharing with a limited amount people who are already aware of you.

At best, your friends will share your post so you may hit a few new people not within your own friends list but, this will statistically be a very small reach.

It is a misconception that builders, electricians and plumbers do not need a website – this is far from the case as most new customers will go online to find one.

So, why do you need a tradesman website?

Search Engines think Local

Over recent years, the main search engines (Google and Bing etc) have adapted the local approach in “Search Terms”. So, should a customer type “Plumbers” or “Garden Services” the listing presented are LOCAL businesses (in your area). Occasionally, it may list a social media page, but this is few and far between.

In reality, if you have a small (low cost) well managed and optimised site, you will be listed if your page is well constructed and carries all the right search terms that meet the searches requirements.

If you choose your keywords carefully and create relevant content, you will rank higher in the local search results, placing your services among the first sites they see.

Tradesman Websites

Websites are designed to be helpful and basically, your shop window.
They are designed to cater to your potential customer audience.

A tradesman website is a great place to show examples of your work, along with customer reviews, so that they can see it all in one place, getting a good, well-rounded view of your services.

Get Seen, get busy.

Potential customers and consumers use search engines to ask questions. You might create blogs or articles on your site which answer the questions that people are typing into search engines.

If search engines believe you are answering a question or being helpful to the searcher, they will rank your site highly and yours will be one of the first they see.

Tradesman website verses large corporate website

A well-constructed and optimised tradesmen website can put you amongst many of your competitors no matter how large the competition is. Content is king! – many web developers have the skillset to present your business online and optimised to help the search engines give users a chance to see your services should they be searching locally for your applicable trade.

Websites cost a fortune?

Not true – a small well-constructed site can be very minimal in cost, but the benefits can be great.
There are a few “techy” items that would need an experienced developer to undertake (Meta data, search engine submission etc etc) but the outlay cost can be very cost effective in getting more work.