Has Covid moved us forward?

Has Covid and Technology moved us forward?

In March 2020 we all experienced a way of life that was totally alien to all we knew. When Lockdown was announced due to the Covid pandemic we all were totally taken back by “How the little things” we took for granted where suddenly taken away. Never in our lifetime had we experienced such an awful pandemic that affected everyone from individual households to the whole of the UK!

All walks of life were totally thrown upside down from visiting family and friends, suddenly working from home and major travel restrictions were imposed.

We had no idea what had hit us. Life has changed so much in a few shorts weeks, yet the COVID-19 crisis has not only transformed our day-to-day existence, but in a strange way propelled changes across many industries and technology.

The great Coronavirus Acceleration

A major newspaper (the Sunday Times) called this era “The great coronavirus acceleration” because of many companies and industries having to make major changes to operating processes in response to the pandemic to survive.

Local businesses also had to change working processes virtually overnight to ensure they could service customers by creating home delivery options.

Healthcare was put under unprecedented strain, and many efforts in this area have been nothing short of heroic.

The New Workplace?

Working from home (management, clerical and administration posts) now seems commonplace. Businesses have adapted to homeworking where and when such a job position can function away from the office or workplace.

The New Home Life?

Many households had never heard of apps such as “Zoom” till the pandemic, but technology managed to keep people in touch with loved ones throughout the lockdown.

Gyms took to online classes to maintain health and mental wellbeing.

Education (Schools and colleges) took to online learning/courses.

Online shopping increased tenfold.

Is this part of what people call the “New Normal”?

Hopefully in the very near future this whole Covid experience will be behind us, but we have to think if changes we made during the pandemic will stay with us…  only time will tell.

I more than sure many of the ways we have adapted during the pandemic will stay in some shape or form and many establishments will see these changes as cost effective.

Technology certainly has been a great aid during the pandemic and certainly looks here to stay and shape our lives even more in the future.