Common mistakes when using social media for business

Common mistakes when using social media for business

Social media has changed our lives – many people still argue good and bad points about it but, without a shadow of doubt it is here to stay. It is now embedded into our way of life and the most used platforms on the Internet today.

Many businesses – big and small use social media to promote their products or services to a vast audience, in real time and in many cases – for free (Although Social media Companies do offer paid services to).

Whether you are a single tradesman, medium sized business or large corporate, Social media can put you in front of local or global audiences’ dependant on your marketing requirements.

All in all it should be an easy process yes?, create a post and post it!!……….. Wrong!!

Many tradesmen and businesses have limited success with social media marketing for the most basic of common mistakes. If you put a lot of effort into Social Media marketing but had little results, it may be time to check your strategy and see if the following mistakes using social media apply to you.

Over Exposure

As much as you want to get your business name and services out there, have a strategy to schedule your posts and content. Social Media Users do not what to see every second post on their feed your company or services. As a result they will block future content from you.

Don’t Sell, Sell, Sell. It’s understandable that you want to advertise your latest product or offers but todays social media is more about interaction. Certainly post offers and product details on occasion but also engage with useful articles and information that a user can find interesting or interact with.
SENERIO: A web company may want to offer online websites and Search engine Services to its audience (Income), but would also benefit from feeding its followers with useful hint and tips – for example: “ Read our latest blog on the latest Email Scams” or “Read our latest Blog on how clean cookies from your Internet Browser”.


Do not use low resolution images in your posts. Only use high quality Images and ALWAYS ensure you are legally in a position to use the image and to post them (Copyright is a massive issue with images).


Hashtags have become the new SEO of social Media. Twitter and Linked In relies on hashtags to index your content to get seen by audiences that are not following you. For example: if you wrote a post on Covid19 for example –  you could close with #covid19 .  Users on those platforms would search #covid19 and your content would be made available should they wish to read it.

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