The Importance of Data Backup

The Importance of Data Backup

Unless you have suffered a data loss, you won’t fully appreciate the value of your data, photos, contacts, emails, and important documents till they are gone! Then it becomes a major issue and can be emotionally upsetting (you have lost valuable family photos) and your work and home life can be disrupted because you have lost valuable documents.

With many companies now sending electronic documents instead of the good old-fashioned printed document (Insurance documents, Wage Slips etc) it’s hard to imagine that you suddenly lose everything due to not having a backup strategy.

Data Backup Options

Many people backup to an external storage device (USB Stick, external Hard Drive etc), this is a great way to ensure you have the data accessible straight away should you suffer a PC failure. Backup options can include a “Sync” of changed data only ensuring only new files are backed up making the overall backup process quick and easy (A full backup would be undertaken on the initial setup).

With technology moving forward, many operating systems offer “cloud” backups such as “One Drive –  “Livedrive” – My PCBackup”  for instance. These facilities are a great option as files can be automatically backed up in the background and requiring no or little intervention from the user.

What should you backup?

What Data Backup should be undertaken is an individual thing, we all value different things. My own preference is to backup EVERYTHING but not my operating system (Windows etc).  This is because I can always restore my operating system but not my data. Another reason for this is that online backup space is chargeable after a certain “Free” limit, so backing up windows (which has a large storage capacity) will bring additional costs that are unnecessary.


It also needs to be mentioned that as well as PC data, consideration also should be given to Mobile Phone and Tablet backups. Can you imagine if your phone is lost, stolen or fails.
Again, many options are available to ensure that such devices can have data Backup facilities at minimal cost.

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