Returning to the Work during the Covid-19 Epidemic

Returning to the Work during the Covid-19 Epidemic

With government relaxing the recent lockdown restrictions, a guideline was released covering many business sectors at the start of May 2020 advising and assisting businesses on how to get their workplaces back up and running and operating safely.

Getting back to work

Outlining it’s plans to get some sectors back to work (if it was not practical to work from home), the document outlines safe measures and practices required for various sectors of business.

Sectors covered in the guidance are;

Tradesman, Cleaners and Nannies
People who work in or from vehicles
Factories and Plant
Labs and Research Facilities
Offices and Contact Centres
Restaurants offering takeaway or Delivery
Shops and Branches

Links are available from the main document to research the applicable sector of interest.

Continuing to maintain “Social Distancing” and the health, safety and welfare of employees and customers are key to the document.


Further guidance will be made available as more businesses are able to open their doors and its recommended to keep an eye on the Gov.Uk site for additional updates or changes to the above information.

It should be noted that should the epidemic peak again, the government have stated that lockdown measures could be put back in place to protect the NHS and the public.

GOV.UK - Working Safely during the coronvirus

The above information was as of May 2020 – additional information will be made availabe by the UK Government as the epedimic situation progresses. Please monitor the website for further developments.