Giving your Website a Rest during Covid-19

Giving your Website a Rest during Covid-19

We were recently asked that during the current Covid-19 pandemic if it was a good idea to temporarily take a client’s website offline?. On discussing this further with our client we could see what he was thinking and the reasoning behind his query.

With many businesses currently not trading during the pandemic due to social distancing and additional government safety measure that have been enforced for our own protection, our client argued that there are no clients out there at the minute that can purchase his product (his business was as a tradesman who needed to attend his clients house to install his business product). In addition, it was argued that he may be able to save costs on hosting and domain name charges whilst the lockdown was in place.

Temporary Closure would not really save money

Common practise for web hosts and developers is to invoice clients annually for hosing accounts and domain names. In this case, this client had months left on his yearly charges so no saving would be made financially, in true terms, he had payed for the service so taking the site offline would do more damage than good for many reason…..

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Removing A site offline for a any length of time can SERIOUSLY damage search engine ranking and search engine placement. Search engines (Google, Bing etc) regularly crawl sites for any updates or additions applied and should they approach a site that has suddenly disappeared they place what is known as a “404” page which is basically an ERROR page as it looked for content it knew once existed but now it doesn’t – Search Engines do not like that.

In such an event, the site is removed from search results, so any potential clients are no longer able to find your site so swiftly move on to your competitors website.

What makes this a double problem is that once you put the site back online you WONT automatically pick up where you left off. Any previous work undertaken to get a good high ranking will be lost and you will have to start from scratch to compete with competitors and get your placement back.

Maintain your Marketing and online presence

Your business may be temporarily on hold, but all endeavours must be maintained to promote and keep your ranking. When you return to work you will want normality back as quickly as possible and. ensuring your website stays online throughout the pandemic will certainly help.

Giving your Website a Rest during Covid-19 – Be Productive

Take this opportunity to maybe update products or articles on your website. Let prospects and clients know you are still here to supply your product when all restrictions are lifted.

Engage via Social Media, newsletters and your website to keep your clients engaged.

If your business is a shop or warehouse look at maybe undertaking online sales if you had not aready done this before (Your web developer will be able to help you with this).


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