I just don’t get this Social Media Stuff?

I just don’t get this Social Media Stuff?

Many businesses get frustrated with social media because they do not have the time to manage it or don’t fully understand it. Further frustration comes from “which” platforms to use or which will get you better results (Twitter, Facebook etc).

We offer a few tips regarding social media that may help to give your business brand awareness a push and a more positive public image.

So if your thinking of using Social Media for your business, read on…

Get the right platform for your business

Carefully look at your customer base and the prospects you wish to attract. Who is interested in your product or service? – and where would you best target them?

Picking the right platform is therefore crucial – lets explain;

Let’s say your business is a “Health and Safety Consultant” – You are therefore probably going to get more results from “Linked In” that “Instagram”. And to flip the coin – A hairdresser will probably get more results on “Instagram” than “Linked In”.

Therefore, a bit of planning and playing to your audience will bring greater return on your efforts.

Profile Pages

Your website is like your shop front!! – Its where you showcase your product or service and if done professionally gains your prospects confidence. Your Social Media Profiles are no different.

Be sure to take time to make your brand work across all platforms (Colours, Logos etc) and to fill in all information details as requested by each media network.

Just like your Website – Social Media Profiles are another way to Showcase your product and services.

Should you flood Social Media with Adverts of your Products?

In a Word…… NO

Not that you cannot slip in the odd advert every now and again but – Social Media is about engagement! – building relationships so posts or articles you post can be shared – even outside your network to hopefully engage new interest in your products..

If you were an hairdresser, you may wish to right an article on new “products” or “latest hair trends” – this may results with people commenting and ENGAGING in your post by adding comments or requesting more information.

In short…. A RESULT for you,  as they may “like” or “Follow” you to read any future articles you post – your networking is growing as a result.

Use good rich media.

So, what works best?

Visitors to your media profile will prefer to look at pictures or video footage with little text rather than read paragraphs and paragraphs of text.
In this media world we live in the “attention span” is limited to “short” bursts so be visually pleasing and get your message across in minimal wordage.

The downside …. TIME

I can hear you shouting – “All this is well and good – but I don’t have the time, patience or fully get all this “Social Media Stuff”.

But, you have to ask yourself, if you run a business – “can you afford not to?”.
With little effort you can reach a wealth of potential customers or worst case scenario – get your name and brand out there so people know who you are and what services you offer.

I always tend to think of Social Media as Networking. It’s a great platform to build groups and not only share information, but to also see and learn what’s out there yourself.

Finally, if “Time is the issue” or you “Just don’t get this Social Media Stuff”– give us a call and let’s see if we can help.
It’s more affordable than you think…..


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