Is having a website really important?

Is having a Website really Important?

In this current age of “Multiple” social media platforms, is having a website really important?.
It’s a fair comment to suggest that any individual or business can promote a business through such channels without having a website. It would also be true to say that (dependant on your business), many sucessfully do!!.

Social Media and its uses, has many benefits if done correctly in terms of promotion. However, as this article is about “websites” – good bad or indifferent, I will stay with the subject matter and expalin the benefits to Individuals, businesses and organisations.

Your website reflects your brand and gains customer confidence

If your web site looks professional and has carefully been constructed to be user friendly, informative and easy to navigate you will gain customer confidence. Confidence is also gained on how professional the site is presented, a badly presented site or even worse, a site that does not function correctly soon puts users off and clicking away to your competitors.

If a user visits your website and it looks half finished, made at home or on the cheap – then that is how visitors assume your business operates (confidence totally lost!!)

Websites are good for local business.

Potential local customers mostly always perform searches online first to see who provides the product or services they are looking for.
A major bonus is that GOOGLE promotes “Local” and brings listings to the user showing all “local” companies or businesses that provide the service you are looking for!! – This is a win win senerio for local shops and tradesman.
Going back to my previous point on “Confidence” – If  your competitors’ sites look more reputable or solid than yours (or if they have a website and you don’t), your chance of picking up this business is therfore vastly reduced!!.

Your web site could lead to global business.

Websites are not just a local tool.  The launch of a great website means you’ll instantly become a global business, allowing you to expand your customer base to a avast audience.
Your website will be visible in almost every country around the world and that means you can now sell to a global market should that be one of your business objectives.

Your website – a word of caution

NEVER  do your business a disservice by putting up a shoddy web site. Always take care to plan, organise, monitor  and invest sensibly in your  website.

Many businesses are money driven (understandable in this day and age) however, a cheap website on a cheap hosting platform and not maintained will bring no results at all. In addition, once a site is launched there are many functions needed on an ongoing basis to to keep it’s ranking high etc .


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