Inbox Threats Verses Ransomware

In a recent article from one of the major Insurance underwriters, it was identified that email compromises are now a greater threat than ransomware attacks.

According to Research by AIG, email compromises using what is known as “phishing” to capture user data, is now a major cause of cyber insurance claims.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing (also know as “Social Engineering”) is scam used by criminals to obtain sensative information (bank card data for example), by getting the user to click a link to take them to a fake website. The fake website in many cases “Mimics” a brand you already know to fool the user to think the site is real.
Any data you enter is therefore harnessed by the scammers!!.

The crooks behind such scams have been know to create false websites that mimic well know banks, online stores and high street retailers.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Above all be vigilant and on receipt of an email ask yourself;

  1. Is this email from a legitimate source?
  2. Is the senders email address legitimate?
  3. Do any instructions require verification?
  4. is this Spam or Social Engineering?

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