When it’s Time to Revamp your Website

When it’s Time to Revamp your Website

Many website owners and administrators sometime overlook the obvious when a website is loosing business. It’s reported that over 80% of web users are put of a site if it is not updated and around 40% think twice about purchasing products or services from a site that is not user friendly, fresh and current!.

Here are a few thoughts regarding wheather or not you should consider updating your website….

Your Website looks dated

Unfortunately, looks do matter…
A fresh looking and user friendly site creates a confidence in your visitors that you are serious about your product and services.  A bad website or one that was stuck in a previous digital age just creates  a negative experience for your visitors who hastily move on to your competitors as a result, if thats the case – it’s time to revamp your website.

Your website is about to have it’s fifth BIRTHDAY

At the time your website was made and uploaded it probably was ground breaking!!.
However, there are many advances in technology, best practice, and how google now ranks websites so if your site is around 5 years of age, you will certainly benefit from a few updates and a little overhaul.

Your Website is not Responsive

According to recent statistics (as of Aug 2019), over 80% of websites are viewed on a mobile device of some description (phone/tablet etc).  As a result google now bases ranking on Mobile devices rather than a desktop device. Responsive web design ensures your site can be viewed on ANY device and retain visual design and user experience.  Since Google announced that it was favouring responsive websites, credible web developers do not create sites anymore that are not responsive.
It should be noted that if your current site is not responsive, you should speak with your developer and address “Responsive Design” as a matter of urgency.

User Experience

User experience has always been at the forefront of Google’s aim. Web developers appreciate that this is a key area for getting google to rank your website and would develop any new website around user experience criteria. Site navigation, engaging relevant content are all critical to maintain user interest and engagement. Minor tweeks can upgrade a website but if your site is a few years old, you should think about a overhaul to move you back into the ranking arena.

Is your Website not delivering traffic

As previously discussed, google is forever changing its algorithms and the criteria needed to rank websites. Web Developers and Marketing professionals understand code and what is needed in the “Background” of a website to acheive ranking. THE BAD NEWS is that this is forever changing and needs to be addressed regular and adjusted regular to acheive optimium performance  If your experiencing falls in visitor numbers then clearly …. your visitors are not finding your in the search engines for some or all of the above reasons. if your site has been online for a long time you will benefit from organic growth but this is not enough to keep you on page 1 of google in most cases.
It is always good practice to have your web developer return to your site frequently to address the “Background” data that google requires to acheive ranking as this is a forever changing issue.
For that reason.. 1 day you are high in racking and the next day not visible at all. If your experiencing such an issue please engage your web designer who will be able to help.

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